Smasher Fly

The main objective in a game is to smear all flies. It will be suitable for all who want to pass away the time. And it will be pleasant to children the ridiculous sounds and expressions of heroes, also simplicity of functionality. Boys and girls of all age, and also and adults, won't remain indifferent to it. It is a fancy press. But not everything is so simple, it is possible to press down a wasp and then level will be lost, it is necessary to start it anew. After all are pressed down, the BOSS steps on the stage. It not manage to be trampled from the first, to try to crush this fat insect, pressing several times on his huge body, but eventually it will be smeared on a table on the smartphone screen. You can: To compose the legends. To be involved in fights for the country, in world fight. Battle for the people.

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